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We are back for summer session  at FSCJ.  Our first assignment in Assembling for Digital Media  is to write about what a blog is.  In other words; be a blogger blogging about a blog.  Our professor gave us this caveat:

Don’t just give the description that a blog is short for web log and such. Do some research and come up with something interesting to share.


The above statement nicely sums up my ideas about a blog.  If you have thoughts on any subject and wish to express them to others; a blog is the perfect tool. When I say any subject, trust me; I mean it!  Go out on the internet and look at some blogs for yourself. You’ll be amazed at the millions of people communicating through this medium. Check out the video at the end of the post for some ideas on where find blogs and how to start your own.

Thanks to websites that do the layout work for you, no computer expertise is required to blog. In a few moments anyone can create a free blog through a website such as WordPress. The reasons for blogging are as varied as the bloggers bloggingly blogging on blogs in the blog-o-sphere…O.K, I made up a few of those words…but hey, it’s my blog!


Thanks to socially generated media,  we have all become town criers.  Once passively receiving highly filtered news, we now create our own stories based on uniquely personal interests. Blogs foster independence, community, anonymity, and infamy through unfiltered and uncensored story telling.

Blogs are a newer form of communication created in the land of digital media. Today, all forms of communication are undergoing swift and constant change. Social media and news gathering sources can be short-lived.  Bloggers must continue to change, adapt and embrace the plethora of platforms available for sharing information or be left behind.

As various platforms rise to prominence or dwindle into obscurity, today’s bloggers may become tomorrow’s  Socioblogmologers. (I think I just coined that!) Regardless of the name, platform or popularity of the medium, humans will forever want a means of expression. The Heyday of blogging may be over, but its influence on the freedom of expressing one’s thoughts will reverberate for many years to come.

Here’s a video explaining the unique and powerful way blogs have created changes in information sharing.





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