Moons and Junes and Ferris Wheels

Quandaries of the day: Should I explain what you’re  to experience in this blog? Who defines what you should think or how you should react to my words? Once words leave the creative mind are they are free of expectation?  Hope of enlightening or entertaining is moot unless there’s some sort of agreement; but should there be a preconceived intention?

Rhetorical analysis is a bitch.

I’m an old-fashioned type of guy when it comes to writing.  

I adore forms, genres and linear pathways that guide readers through text like emergency lights guide someone to an exit. We have rules for concepts, clarity, cohesiveness, context, and karma….okay it’s not a “C” word, but work with me, I’m on a roll.

Suddenly, my professor spends an afternoon discussing  nonlinear, multilayered, Intertextualized theories that starts to make my head spin.  Internet use has created new ideas about, reading, decision-making, thought processes, fact gathering and teaching.


It’s no longer a requirement to read anything start to finish.  With every web search there are hundreds of pathways to choose from.  Hyperlinks folks; I’m talking hyperlinks.  Writers embed veritable mazes of information into texts that allow readers to hop around a virtual world like Alice in Wonderland. Alice has a great many choices amid the chaos.

alice used

The interconnectedness of multimedia changes rhetorical experiences dramatically.

Where someone begins a journey is now a personal choice; in the middle, at the end, with a song, a picture, or a phrase.  



Mystory.  A distilled look into some aspects of… me.

meA four page, non-linear and hyperlinked presentation; distilled slices of life. 

It is an avant-garde experience in concise text.

A reader can start and wander wherever and however they want. There are no rules, just text layered in text.

To begin my story, choose one of the  links below. Each page has hyperlinked words within the text that take you to another part of the story.  If you like the experience, please refer people to this blog for the preface. Come back and comment your experience.  I’d love to hear from you.

             ??                   ??                     ??                      ??        

Link              Link                Link             Link 


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