Basically, in a Nutshell, and Make it Quick!

Oh Nuts!!!
Oh Nuts!!!

Our assignment: Read two articles and write a short summary on each.   Use information in first two articles to write a summary/review  on two more articles of our choice.

The first article I summarized in four sentences.  You can see how I worked at concision:

ARTICLE ONE: Writing Summaries

  Sentence structure before editing:

Every word concisely written can create thousands of images for the mind.

Technology demands a language that has laser-like precision.

Nothing is new where concise writing is concerned; ask Shakespeare.

Intent, context and emotions, conveyed in the constraints of a Tweet, can ignite a revolution.


Concisely written words create thousands of mental images. Technology demands laser precision language. Concise writing isn’t new; ask Shakespeare. Intent, context and emotions  of a single Tweet can ignite revolution.

ARTICLE TWO: Introduction to ‘How to Write Short: Word Craft for Fast Times.

Sentence structure before editing:

Informational, analytic, and provocative leads; all this and more can be encapsulated in a few sentences of concise summary.

Web writing demands concentrated content that allows readers to make quick assessments about reading further.

A few seconds is all you have to engage an audience or lose them to another site.

The Summary

Informational, analytic, and provocative summaries are encapsulated in concise sentences. Web writing demands concentrated content optimally displayed. Writers have seconds to engage or lose readers.


My summary of the 2613 word article 

Was WhatsApp really worth the $19 billion price?

whats app 2

Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp mobile messaging app is seen as monumental for  Mark Zuckerberg. Will he be seen as a genius or fool? The deal was announced on February 19th, and public investors appeared positive while analysts seemed divided.


How the $19 billion deal is broken down

Immediate payment of $16 billion

4 billion in cash and $12 billion in Facebook shares

$3 billion in stock  for WhatsApp’s founder and      employees

Will vest over four years after deal closes



70% of the 450 million people with app use it daily

One million are signing up every day.

Great Potential for monetization in the future

Dominance in majority of big markets around the world

Feature phones drive use in emerging markets


One out of 5 people owns a smartphone

6 out of 7 billion own a mobile phone of some kind

Potential for revenue other than traditional advertising



Facebook says it will focus on growth first and not monetization.

Initial free year of service means only 40 percent of current subscribers pay.

Not enough hard questions about the sale price

True valuation of the deal has not been analyzed.

A defensive tactic made out of fear of falling behind

High turnover rate of customers that may not like service or won’t pay

Another Bubble? 


Facebook just paid $10.4 million for every single day of WhatApp’s existence. This hearkens back to 1999 when Google spent 3.6 billion for GeoCities.  This web hosting service was right behind the top two, AOL and Google, with 19 million customers.


The deal became a bust then Google switched the format and told customers it would now own all content on the site with changes in copyright agreement. This, combined with a switch in the format from neighborhoods t“vanity” URLs through members’ sign-up names, doomed the company.

When Yahoo bought Geocities web page visits were the valued currency; it was not cash flow or profit. WhatsApp is being valued in the same way.

Some experts feel we are heading for a bubble, but temper this thought with one difference; social media isn’t dominating the index the way Tech did in 2000.

Did Facebook Overpay?

Only time will tell. Facebook is in the right position to pay such an extreme price. The majority of the purchase price is in stock options and Facebook’s stock prices are at an all time high. If the company was not worth $174 billion, this deal would probably me around ½ the price.

Summary of (675 word) news article written by me

The Diabetic Dilemma

Diabetes is thought of as an old person’s disease that is not much to worry about, but facts don’t lie. Type 2 Diabetes is an epidemic in the United States. The number of diagnosed patients tripled in 22 years. Diabetes ranks 7th in U.S. deaths, killing more than AIDS and cancer combined.


Total (inc. Survivors)

Diagnosed / Year

Deaths / Year





Breast Cancer








Type 2 diabetes affects the adolescent/teen populations as never before. The trend shows a 400 percent increase by 2050. One in three born after 2000 will be affected according to federal estimates.

Obese adults are 3 times as likely to be diabetic. Weight plays a substantive role in the increasing rates. Florida’s obesity rate is 27 percent but is expected to double by 2030.

Duval has possibly 120,000 to 130,000 people with undiagnosed diabetes. A risk assessment is available on the American Diabetic Website.

Other risk factors include:

Family history of diabetes



Lack of exercise


Weight is one factor people can control. A proper diet is essential. Programs through the ADA educate newly diagnosed patients.  Myths are exposed and diet guidelines are available on ADA website.

Some diabetics need medication for control. Blindness, stroke, neuropathy and death are possible when diabetes is ignored. Seeing a physician is the key to early detection and treatment.

The next story in the series:  One man’s journey from devastating diagnosis to a breakthrough in controlling his health.


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