The beginning of Writing for Digital Media Blog

Did I say that?
Did I say that?

Hello everyone. My name is Bowen. I am back in school after a thirty year hiatus, finally getting that degree I’ve always wanted.   I’m hoping to keep up with all the new innovations in technology and learn how to express myself in the new, digital, never sleeping virtual world!

Currently, I am a massage therapist (23 years) and hair stylist (20 years).  We (my partner of 25 years, Jake, our 3 dogs and two cats) moved here from Clearwater in 2008. I am a native of Jacksonville but never thought I would be back. Times have changed and so has the city!

I want to focus on corporate communications and public relations. Obtaining this degree is about completing a lifelong goal, but I’m open to any opportunities that happen along the way. I love the written word as well as any form of self expression. When I went to college the first time around computers were rarely in use.  In fact, the cell phone was still experimental and public access to the internet wasn’t available.  I am definitely playing catch up to non-linear communication styles. Yea for ADD!

I enjoy learning and can’t wait to see what new knowledge I’ll obtain this semester. In the first week I have already tweeted, blogged, gotten a smart phone, hyperlinked videos, put documents in the cloud, and received the use of an iPad for the semester. Talk about getting your money’s worth out of tuition!


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